Crimson News and Updates

Company Updates

We have been working diligently during this time to expand and improve our company, and are proud to share a few of our successful efforts!

  • We have been added to a new program providing financial support to the U.S. Government Customer.
  • Crimson is in the process of being added to a Data Science & High-Performance Computing Program in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • We are beginning to submit RFI’s and RFP’s for Prime contracts. Our hope is to have our first Prime contract by Q4 2021. This will create more opportunities for our team and growth within the company. If you are interested in assisting with proposal writing efforts, please contact Brad Becker.


  • Please be reminded that Nicole Schwab or Gerald Walker will be reaching out soon to explain how to submit your Bi-Weekly Reports. The form is in the process of being added to our website. Stay tuned for more details.
  • All employees should have received an email about setting up a password for your login to our website. We are in the process of building an interactive website for employees. Details are forthcoming on this initiative.

COVID-19 Update

We would like to extend a special thanks to everyone that has stood with us through this crisis. A lot of you have asked us to provide a “State of the Company” and how we are weathering the storm. From a business standpoint, we are well positioned for the future, which is one of the reasons we have been able to pay our employees during this crisis. Another question we have received pertains to if/when employees will receive back pay under CARES Act 3610. We are still sorting through contract modifications and approvals. To manage expectations, we will continue to provide updates regularly and are hope hopeful this is something that can happen in the future.

Online Trivia & Happy Hour

Keep an eye out for an invite for our online Trivia Night on June 4th at 6:30 PM. We are sad we cannot get together in person, so we are hopeful everyone can join us for some online trivia. We would also like to send every employee a bottle of their favorite drink, whether it be wine, liquor, or orange juice. Please send your drink request to Tyler Crockett and we will do the rest!

Employee Recognition

Crimson Phoenix would like to recognize the following employees for their outstanding contributions to the company and community:

  • Richard Blake and Scott Kerr – for going above and beyond their job duties to assist Crimson in their website redesign
  • Jonathan Pylant – for working with Nicole Schwab in creating a Data Repository on our website, which will allow employees to submit their Bi-Weekly Activity Reports
  • David Medinets – for exemplifying our core value of “Giving Back” to the community by creating N95 Face Masks which are now being utilized in hospitals.
  • Kim Carlton – for illustrating our core value of “Being Proactive and Reliable” by assisting leadership in creating communication plans and responses that have proven to be helpful in our response to COVID.
  • Reba Mick – for her assistance in redesigning our company logo. It is safe to say that Reba presented over 20 designs to us. Your time and collaboration on this effort is greatly appreciated.
  • Donald Rollins – for “setting the bar” and being the standard his customer has come to expect by making a great impact on a Customer project. Don’s customer expressed gratification for the impact he has made, and is blessed to have Don on their team.
  • “Big Ed” Rogers – for providing the best attitude, effort and camaraderie we have ever seen on our Delivery Team. Big Ed has lifted the spirits of our Deliver Team and we are grateful for that.

Welcome New Crimson Employees!

  • Vance Crawford – Vance will be joining our ITDAS program as a Test Engineer
  • Norm White – Norm will be joining our KODIAK program as a Senior Software Engineer
  • Pete Uhl – Pete recently joined our KODIAK team and is already doing an incredible job
  • J.D. McAleer – J.D. is joining our CASES team as a Data Scientist
  • Bob Prokop – Bob is joining our ROSES team as a Project Manager