Crimson News

Facility Clearance

Crimson Phoenix is proud to announce that we have received our Facility Clearance. What does this mean? This means that we will be growing our presence throughout the Department of Defense. Some future Customers we will be supporting are NGA, DIA, ARMY, and various others.

Expand the Company

Crimson Phoenix will be meeting with the Department of Energy in South Carolina in February to potentially expand the company with that customer and in that location. If you have any insight or background with the DOE, please reach out to Brad Becker to discuss on how you may be able to support the company.

Other Options

Crimson Phoenix has recently been added to other programs and are continuing to grow our presence within the IC. Why is this important for you? It is important to know you have other options available outside of your current role. Crimson Phoenix values their employees and before we ever lost you to another company, we would welcome an open conversation about other programs that we have available for you.

Tighten Security

Crimson Phoenix is tightening up their security and have implemented a new Security Team to keep us secure and Level III CMMC compliant. We also have an IT team on standby should you have any problems that are IT related. This can include but is not limited to, computer viruses, email support, hacking support, and security best practices. If you need to submit a trouble ticket simply send an email to . Be sure to explain your issue and include a telephone number for us to follow up. There will soon be a link on our website that will walk you through this if and when needed as well.

Updated Directory

Crimson Phoenix recently sent out an updated Directory that helps our employees know who to call should they need support with payroll, benefits, IRA, time keeping, etc This will also be made available on the website as well.

New Additions

Crimson is proud to welcome Nicole Schwab to the Project Management team alongside Gerald Walker. Nicole Schwab is excited to join the Crimson team as one of your Program Managers!  She is looking forward to working with everyone to help the company succeed and be the best of the best. Nicole began her career in 2014 working in the FBI in the Washington Field Office’s Command and Tactical Operations Center. While there, she was liable for all complaint intake in the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. area, staffing command posts for large scale events and operations, and assisting Special Agents with ongoing investigations. In 2015, Nicole joined the FBI Public Affairs team and maintained a close relationship with local, national, and international media outlets by pitching proactive news stories about the FBI while also responding to media inquiries in a timely manner. She also assisted in organizing several on-camera interviews with production companies, revamped internal and external communication outlets, managed the FBI Washington Field Office Twitter account with 72,000 followers, and created Wanted Posters and billboards which aided the Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force in locating several missing children in Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia. Nicole’s previous assignment before joining Crimson was at FBI Headquarters, working as a Management & Program Analyst in the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate. Nicole was responsible for managing a group of 40 SharePoint Content Managers to ensure all websites were maintained properly. In addition, Nicole had daily interaction with executive management to implement a communication strategy for the Directorate. Nicole graduated from James Madison University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Justice Studies. She just bought her first home in Chantilly and is excited to move with her husband and two German Shepherd mix dogs. In her spare time, Nicole loves singing karaoke, going to the gym, taking the dogs to the park, and going to wineries with friends.

Plant The Seed

Crimson Phoenix would like to plant the seed with all of our employees that Nicole Schwab or Gerald Walker will be reaching out in the next few months to retrieve some data from you for our SharePoint site. This will allow the company to have a better understanding of what you are doing and provide better support.


Crimson Phoenix is happy to have a medium for our internal and external employees to communicate using Microsoft Teams. We are thankful for the employees that have used this tool so far. This is something Gerald and Nicole will also be reaching out about. We would love to have all of our employees use this function to enhance communication between internal and external employees.

Upcoming Crimson Events


Crimson Phoenix will be having their Quarterly Winter Event on Wednesday February 26th. This will be hosted at Bowl America in Fairfax, VA. There will be plenty of food and drinks for everyone. Feel free to +1, just RSVP when the invite goes out.

Cooking Club/Classes

Crimson Phoenix will begin rolling out their Community Clubs. We are starting out with a Cooking Club. If you are interested in joining the club please send an email to to learn more. Crimson Phoenix will host a free culinary cooking class called “Impress Your Guests.” The class will teach you how to make impressive dishes that are actually not too complex to make. We will send out a note with the date soon!

Crimson Employee Recognition

Crimson Phoenix loves to recognize their employees. If you are doing a good job, do not be afraid to ask your Program Manager to send an employee recognition to us at . Ask them to nominate you for an Impact Award.

Crimson Phoenix and The Counterintelligence Mission Center’s Intelligence Staff (CIMC/INT) would like to highlight the outstanding support provided by Mr. Allan Moody in supporting the Fall 2019 development and launch of a new format for documenting important data points collected worldwide. Mr. Moody built a creative online interface for this new format, and juggled numerous priorities, such as the need to handle sensitive data, limit access to only certain people, and customize the input fields so that the menus – and the resulting format returned to users – changed based on the user’s selections. His efforts resulted in a user-friendly tool that exceeded all expectations and was launched worldwide ahead of schedule, with practically no hiccups. Mr. Moody’s work demonstrates expertise, dedication to mission, creativity, and collaboration that made possible the quick launch of this initiative less than six months from concept to worldwide roll out, with Mr. Moody’s involvement only starting several months into the process. None of this would have been possible without his hard work, dedication, and flexibility. IMC/INT appreciates Mr. Moody’s assistance, and patient efforts to continue to quickly refine the tool post-launch and looks forward to the next opportunity to collaborate with him on future projects.

We would also like to take the time to congratulate Aaron Guiliano on doing a fantastic job leading his Graphic Design team. In under a year, Aaron has worked himself up to Technical Lead on his program and continues to make an impact daily.

We would also like to take the time to recognize Richard Blake. Richard Blake has gone out of his way to support multiple projects for the betterment of the team. Your attitude and work ethic have been extremely well received!

Welcome New Crimson employees

Patrick Abel

Crimson Phoenix is proud to welcome Patrick Abel to the team. Patrick will be taking a Leadership role within the company. Patrick has supported small and large firms in the past and his impact has always been felt in a positive way. Patrick is also a life enthusiast and renaissance man. Patrick has written movie scripts, produced movies, and is even known to do some standup comedy. If you would like to reach out to Patrick, feel free to send him an email at

Ed Rogers

Ed “Big Ed” Rogers is joining the company internally as a Resource Manager. Ed is a spiritually centered former Navy Musician (Vocalist) that hails from Leavenworth, Kansas. Ed started his secondary education in Vocal Education and Professional Music at Pittsburg State University in Kansas, before enlisting in the Navy. After the military Ed went back to school and attained degrees in Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Studies and also has a degree in Human Resources Management. Ed is involved with working within the community with his church family as well as with his fraternity, “Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc.”

Anwar Jackson

Please welcome Anwar Jackson to the team. Anwar is also supporting Aarons team as a Graphic Designer. Outside of being a passionate designer, Anwar also is a Jazz enthusiast, a salsa dancer, and a great cook. Feel free to connect with Anwar at