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Join a revolutionary Data Science team. The work is remote with travel four times per year to Fort Detrick. You will also have the opportunity to obtain a Top Secret Clearance.
Day to Day Duties:
Developing algorithms
Deep Machine Learning
Creating data repositories
Utilizing ETL to transfer data
Write scientific code using Python for clutter and noise mitigation, image reconstruction, tracking, detection, feature extraction and classification, stereo, machine learning, signal processing, and radiometric calculations.
Develop algorithms to transfer terabytes of medical information.

Python- will be used as the main programming language due to its widespread use in the Data Science and Medical communities.
pyTorch, TensorFlow, and Scikit-learn- will be used to develop machine learning models.
Clairvoyance- a unified, end-to-end AutoML pipeline for medical time series, will be used to consolidate projects around a single, computing framework. We selected Clairvoyance because it was developed by the world-renowned research group, the Van Der Schaar Lab, which has presented 25 papers at the largest ML conferences in the last two years. We recommend using a database like TimeScale to support Time Series data. We selected TimeScale because of its extensive and expanding user community (10.8K people have starred it on GitHub).
TAK/Mapping data- For mapping data we will use TAK (; an application framework for Android and Windows. It is used for map-based applications for viewing emplacements and for list-based applications like alerts.

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