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Individual be integrated into and work closely with other Customer team members (e.g., Systems Engineers, Developers, Testers, Information Security Engineers, User Experience & Interface Engineers, Database Developers). The Individual shall be responsible for providing full stack application development, systems engineering, and program support to the Customers Agile software development effort. The Customer software development effort includes new development and O&M support for applications.
The Individual shall support the software development cycle from requirements gathering, architecture and design development through testing and deployment. The Individual shall perform full stack front-end and back-end software development in an Agile cross-functional team supporting a moderate to complex JAVA application. The Individual shall provide a Scrum Master to support several cross functional teams. The Individual shall work with the development team to ensure the design is understood and implemented as intended. The Individual shall track the project from requirements through design, testing, and delivery. The Individual shall write Agile Stories in sufficient detail so that developers and testers have sufficient details to develop and test the software. The Individual shall perform general systems administration on multiple cloud based environments (development, test, demo, production) including, but not be limited to, log monitoring, performance monitoring, generating usage metrics and reporting, and application deployments.
The Individual shall create and/or provide input to presentations and relevant documentation. The Individual shall present options and recommendations to program leadership and incorporate feedback into the development cycle for implementation. The Individual shall provide cost and schedule estimates as needed to represent the agreed upon architectures and designs. The Individual shall work closely with Product Owners and Sponsor to ensure the agreed upon architectures and designs are documented. The Individual shall assist the project manager(s) and other team members, as needed, with a variety of tasks such as, capturing meeting minutes and action items, creating and tracking team accesses and other support requests, preparing responses to corporate action items, and preparing project documentation. The Individual shall support program governance boards by preparing agendas, scheduling briefings, documenting meeting minutes and actions, and following up on actions to ensure completion.

The Individual’s team shall have the required skills and demonstrated experience:
• Demonstrated experience with Java, J2EE design, Spring or Grails, and jUNIT.
• Demonstrated experience developing software using X.509 certificates (User, Server, and Application certificates).
• Demonstrated experience with XML, HTML5, JSON, JSP/Servlets, JQuery, and Angular.
• Demonstrated experience creating web services with REST interfaces.
• Demonstrated experience with SQL or PL/SQL.
• Demonstrated experience integrating Databases with Hibernate.
• Demonstrated experience building and deploying applications with Git, Nexus, Gradle.
• Demonstrated experience with Cloud Linux infrastructure and Apache Tomcat (preferably configuration management experience with these tools).
• Demonstrated experience with Agile methodology to include translating customer and system requirements into web services or applications and the ability to write development related documents.
• Demonstrated systems engineering experience supporting and leading large scale re-engineering efforts, eliciting requirements, defining processes and functional work streams in a cloud based environment.
• Demonstrated experience in engineering efforts working with system partners to design and implement full scale integration between partnering systems to meet documented requirements.
• Demonstrated experience working with business area Subject Matter Experts to define and understand business needs and to translate these needs into a system design resulting in a working solution.
• Demonstrated experience developing integrated master schedules.
• Demonstrated experience presenting information to both a technical and non-technical audience.
• Demonstrated experience serving as a Project/Systems Integrator in an application development environment.
• Demonstrated experience reviewing industry standards documentation and using the standards in application development.
• Demonstrated experience with Program Management practices and processes as related to general procurement, change requests, access requests, and other general client approval processes.
• Demonstrated experience in capturing detailed notes from meetings and quickly turning them into a document for distribution to and outside the team.
• Demonstrated experience managing security policies for applications.
• Demonstrated Scrum Master training.
• Demonstrated Scrum Master experience in an Agile software development environment.
• Demonstrated experience providing system administration support to include log monitoring on any systems.
• Demonstrated experience administering certificate management in various environments.
• Demonstrated experience administering AWS based systems.
• Demonstrated experience performing routine maintenance activities for Linux based servers.
• Demonstrated experience with server, network and application performance monitoring.
• Demonstrated experience with the AWS Management Console.
• Demonstrated experience with AWS Services including EC2, Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, S3, CloudWatch and DynamoDB.
• Demonstrated experience documenting system changes, maintaining configuration control, and maintaining system security documentation.
Other demonstrated experience which are highly desired, though not required, include:
• Demonstrated experience with Rules Engine, Workflow and messaging software components.

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