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a. Bachelors’ degree in chemistry, biology, environmental science, physics, mathematics, computer science, or relevant engineering fields with at least four (4) years of work experience in one of these fields or Masters’/PhD degree with at least two (2) years of work experience in one of these fields; and
b. One (1) year technical program management
a. Candidates with one (1) year of scientific work experience outside of their core area of study or in more than one discipline or sub-discipline as stated in 4.1.1.
b. Two (2) years’ experience in the Intelligence Community (IC), including experience with requirements, CONOPS, and transition.
c. One (1) year experience managing a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary test and evaluation team.
d. One (1) year experience with analytical chemistry techniques such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, ion mobility spectrometry: previous lab or field work is desirable, but program advisor/oversight only acceptable.
e. One (1) year experience/expertise detecting weak signals in a clutter limited environment: previous lab or field work desirable, but program advisor/oversight only acceptable.
f. PhD desirable, but not required if work experience provides depth and breadth of technical understanding and evidence of problem solving capability equivalent to what would be expected for a PhD.
g. The following additional technical skill areas are relevant and desired, but are not required: Spectral signature library construction and use, Liquid and gas chromatography, Ion mobility spectrometry, Ionization techniques, Mass-to-charge ratio analysis techniques, flow cytometry, preconcentrators and sorbants, MEMS technology, optical spectroscopy, Vacuum pump technology, Low power electronics, device SWAP optimization, Regenerative energy sources and energy harvesting techniques, Clutter detection, multi-component fits, basis set transformations, Microfluidics, computational fluid dynamics.

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