Crimson News and Updates

Army Future Command

Crimson Phoenix recently submitted a proposal for work out of Texas. The work supports the Army Future Command and will be a 35-person program. This work is set to begin in the fall time of 2020. A huge thanks to Bob Prokop, Ryan Gleason, Gerald Walker, Richard Blake, Allan Moody, and Nicole Schwab for assisting with this proposal. You did an incredible job responding to this proposal under a tight time constraint!

New Proposal Submitted

Crimson Phoenix recently submitted a proposal for a program that supports the Customer out of Langley, Virginia and will be that Customer’s largest Data Science program. This work is set to begin early in 2021.

Supporting NGA

Crimson Phoenix was recently added to other programs and is continuing to grow our presence within the DoD space. One of the programs is a long-term program supporting the NGA. The work is highly mission critical and will provide Data Science and GEOINT support in various locations including Vermont, California, D.C., Virginia, Ohio, Massachusetts, Texas, and Florida.

Back Pay

Crimson Phoenix is still tracking back pay for CARES very closely. We have not yet been given any back pay by any of our Customers. If, and when this happens, we will proactively retro pay all our eligible employees and/or correct PTO balances.

Website Updates

Crimson Phoenix will be rolling out their new website this quarter. This is going to be more employee-friendly and will feature links for our employees that will allow you to insert your time, fill out your bi-weekly status reports, and shop for company swag directly on the site. A huge thank you to Jonathan Pylant, Richard Blake, Scott Kerr, Nicole Schwab, and Reba Mick for helping with this project. You all routinely demonstrate our core values and we look forward to seeing you continue to grow within the company!

Employee Signatures

Crimson will be sending out new employee signatures for all our employees to add to their email accounts. Another huge thanks to Reba Mick for taking on this project and creating innovative email signatures for everyone. We know this was time consuming and not easy, so we thank you!

Bi-Weekly Reporting

Crimson Phoenix would like to plant the seed once again with all our employees that Nicole Schwab or Gerald Walker will be reaching out in the next few months to explain bi-weekly reporting. This will allow the company to have a better understanding of what you are doing and provide better support.

Faith, Trust, and Belief

We are happy to see employees getting back into the office. We know this has been a unique and challenging time for our Crimson family. There have been multiple employees that have lost loved ones due to COVID and our prayers are with you and your families.

We would like to thank everyone that is still here for sticking through this period with us. Your faith, trust, and belief in Crimson will not be forgotten. We are proud that everyone came together and persevered. We are ready to Soar Higher as a company.

Upcoming Crimson Events

No Q3 Events

We are disappointed that COVID has changed the landscape and culture that we have grown accustom to. Due to COVID-19 and meeting restrictions, there will likely be no Q3 event. Our Leadership will come up with something special in lieu of having an event.

Cooking Club Class

Crimson Phoenix is excited that their first Cooking Club Class was such a success and thank you to everyone that joined. If you are interested in taking a virtual cooking class, please send an email to , we are looking to have one at the end of August.

Crimson Employee Recognition

Impact Award

Crimson Phoenix loves to recognize their employees. If you are doing a good job, do not be afraid to ask your Program Manager to send an employee recognition to us at . Ask them to nominate you for an Impact Award.

2022 Foreign Language Strategic Plan

Crimson Phoenix would like to highlight the outstanding support provided by Mr. Scott Kerr. Scott was recognized by his Customer for designing their 2022 Foreign Language Strategic Plan, which was sent out by the Director! Our team had a chance to see the work, and the graphics are amazing!

Selfless Teammates

We would also like to take the time to recognize Jay Conklin and Janelle Patillo for being selfless teammates. They volunteered to come in and provide relief for Aaron Guiliano who was deemed mission essential at the beginning of the pandemic. Being mission essential meant that Aaron had to be in every single day while most of his co-workers were out on paid leave. Jay and Janelle stepped up and provided Aaron some much needed relief. That is what being a great team is all about!

Essential Support

We would also like to take the time to recognize Susan Olivieri for doing a wonderful job in supporting her Customer on a mission critical program. Susan provided essential support to her client with little guidance or support. Keep up the great work, Susan!

Welcome New Crimson Employees

Joining the Team

  • Ashley Jones – Ashley is joining Crimson as a Senior Instructor
  • Chavella Kelly-Patterson – Chavella is joining Crimson as a Senior SharePoint/Graphic Designer
  • Doug Ischinger – Doug is joining our team as a Web Developer
  • Melvin Scott – Melvin is joining our team as a Financial Officer